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Brains & Brawn

It was a beautiful warm sunny day in the Valley of the Sun, just perfect for a Sunday drive with the family. Mike Stevens sat behind the wheel of his vintage Mustang convertible. Beside him, his beautiful, eight month pregnant wife Jennifer, leaned back in the bucket seat; eyes closed absorbing the warmth from the […]

Topless Amongst Friends

It all started very innocently taking a waitress job to help make ends meet with a man, Bob, who my husband, Jim knew very well and used to tend bar for. The nights were fairly short as the restaurant closed at 8 PM. One night the evening bartender never showed up and Bob asked me […]

Fishing for Birds

Chapter One They had picked her up off the casino floor. Not literally, no; she was not lying there waiting to be fucked. It was not as easy as that. Almost…but, not quite. Rather, the raven-haired tomboy with the apple-sized tits popping out of the ragged, low-cut t-shirt promoting some obscure indie rock band, literally […]

Dan Loses Control for a Toe Ring

Dan was normally shy around women, except when he was standing in front of an older woman. It was somehow easier for Dan to put sentences together, as he found older women sexy as anything. Spring was the greatest season for Dan, as he knew women would remove their winter clothes and walk around in […]

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