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Brains & Brawn

It was a beautiful warm sunny day in the Valley of the Sun, just perfect for a Sunday drive with the family. Mike Stevens sat behind the wheel of his vintage Mustang convertible. Beside him, his beautiful, eight month pregnant wife Jennifer, leaned back in the bucket seat; eyes closed absorbing the warmth from the […]

Topless Amongst Friends

It all started very innocently taking a waitress job to help make ends meet with a man, Bob, who my husband, Jim knew very well and used to tend bar for. The nights were fairly short as the restaurant closed at 8 PM. One night the evening bartender never showed up and Bob asked me […]

I Don’t Like You

Susan and Gretchen and I met when we were in the 6th grade. Well, Susan was in the 4th grade, but anyway, we became friends right away. They are British and their Dad had gotten a job in the town where I grew up. I had been in the 4th grade when we moved there, […]

The Interview

I’m a bouncer at a lap dancing club in Reading. Well, I was, until management decided that because I was shagging one of its best dancers, I had to go. Something fucking stupid about “staff shall not fraternise with the dancers”, or some similar crap. I mean, what’s the point of being a bouncer at […]

Graduation Day

As the early June at seven that night and the sun hangs over the Oklahoma blue sky, the college graduates are filing out of a large courtyard and the parents and friends are congratulating the graduates. Felicia Adams sees Tony Sanders and walks over to him. Felicia is a rich dark color, 28, she’s wearing […]

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